Why dont you like Justin no more ?

he’s jiggy.

20.Oct.14 5 hours ago
Wait so what the whole dramas with justin and chantel


20.Oct.14 5 hours ago
What's going on with justin I'm sooo confused 😭😭😭 lol

Idk, me no like him. 

no more.

hes a mitch.

21.Aug.14 2 months ago
Ole girl is an ex prostitute! Really Justin?!

Jesus take the wheel. She’s an upcoming artist. Lol😩😂

She’s getting her connects.

They both played themselves…💅

10.May.14 5 months ago
I saw the pic. And I agree, justin acting like a man whore though. Gonna be hard for a good girl/respectful lady to take him serious. Another combs blog posted the collage lol

I mean…he’s having fun, but don’t be like you like this that and the third, but they girls you be messing with are different, you know? Like don’t be like Drake “singing” how his heart was broken and shit, but fucking an upcoming artist, strippers and shit. Like get yo’ life together.

10.May.14 5 months ago
Yes lol. They got the scoop. hahaha


09.May.14 5 months ago
the one that you said was bashing chantel.

Oh. It’s still up?

09.May.14 5 months ago
That blog you posted has so much info on Justin lol.

What blog?

09.May.14 5 months ago